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More Woodturning Magazine is a monthly online magazine for turners who primarily turn wood. It is designed to provide educational material and guidance in woodturning techniques and to keep you informed about what is happening in the woodturning world. Visitors can purchase annual subscriptions which allows them to read the magazine content online or print it out for easy reading.

Our goal is to provide new and valuable information for individuals interested in wood turning. This information includes woodturning project tutorials and articles, along with turner profiles, product reviews, new product announcements, and general news of interest to woodturners. If you are a woodturner, an artist who turns wood, a collector of turned wooden objects, or are simply interested in woodturning, we would welcome you as a subscriber of our magazine.

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  • Published online 12 times a year
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More Woodturning Magazine is an online magazine that is published 12 times each year. Each edition is released on the first day of the month. Subscribers also receive an email with a web link to the current edition of the magazine for reading on their computer. There is also an option for printing individual projects and articles or the entire magazine for easier reading.

Subscriptions can be purchased securely online using a credit card, PayPal account or by mail a sending check, or money order.

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