About Us

Hi, I’m John Phillips a carpenter whose life-long affair with wood helped to shape my professional and personal life. During the day, I make everything from artisanal banisters for developers to decking for suburban families who want to make the most of the limited space their yards offer them, and when I clock off at the end of each day, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than getting to grips with my own projects in the workshop. 

Some people like to play chess, others spend their lives online, but I like to make things out of wood the old-fashioned way, with my hands and a lifetime of experience and know-how. 

That’s why I started woodturningmagazine.com, so I could share my projects and the things that I was working on with anyone who was interested. But over time the focus of the site changed as more and more people wanted to learn how to create and make things in their own workshops.

So I changed direction slightly and the site became a guide to the tools, lathes, and everything else that anyone who wanted to lose themselves in the majesty of wood and all that it offers could use to start building things that were made, and meant to last for a lifetime, as well as the projects that I love to spend my time working on. It’s time to forget all about the age of obsolescence and fall in love with all things wood again…